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Conference and Event WordPress Theme Attend

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Product Description

Conference and Event WordPress Theme Attend

Organizing and running a conference event has never been easy but with our Attend WordPress theme we’ve made building the website simple.
Attend utilizes our popular free Cr3ativ Conference plugin that gives you the power to create your website and content with ease.
With the choice of using either a full cover image or full cover video background as your home page, you are sure to make a lasting impression on your visitors and encourage sign-ups to your event!
Attend utilizes the WordPress Customizer for your theme options which means you can easily add your logo, fav icon, insert google analytics code, custom CSS plus set a fallback top banner image (if you create a page and set a featured image then that image will show, if not then the fallback image displays) change all the colors of the theme and even add your video and so much more, live, in the WordPress customizer!

Adding Sessions

Creating unlimited sessions is very similar to creating a regular post in WordPress with a few special added features:
Add new session from the WP menu
Add a title and any content as normal including galleries, video, audio, HTML, short-codes etc.
Select the Date
Enter your start time
Enter your end time
Enter the room or location
Select the speakers who will be conducting the session
Optionally choose to highlight the session
Set a featured image if you wish – will appear as the header of the page if set
Select or create a new category for the session
Click Publish
Each session automatically includes an ‘Add to Google Calendar’ link on each page allowing your attendees to easily record what sessions they wish to attend on their own personal calendars.
A template is available to list your full schedule by simply creating a page and using the template – that’s it, no short-codes etc. You can even add your own content to the page and set a header image.
You can add your schedule in to any widget area using the included widget with the plugin with various options!



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