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WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

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Product Description

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping- Easily offer shipping rates based on the distance or total travel time to your customer.

The WooCommerce Distance Rates Shipping extension is perfect for the store owner who wants to charge customers for delivery of items based on how far away they are from the store. A perfect example would be for store hiring out equipment or a take away store.
For example say you are a company hiring out Keg Draught Beer setups and deliver the equipment however want to charge different rates for the delivery based on how far away the customer is from you and how many kegs they hire, then WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping extension is for you.
Or if you run a service that produces home cooked meals but would like to charge more for delivery based on the further the customer lives from you then the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping extension is perfect.


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