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Woocommerce Nochex UK Gateway

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Product Description

Woocommerce Nochex UK Gateway

Woocommerce Nochex UK Gateway – Nochex is the leading independent British online payment company for UK-based smaller online businesses and start-ups with easy to use, Internet payment solutions.

In the Nochex settings you will need to enter your Merchant ID – if you do not know what this is you should contact Nochex support. You will also need to enter an order description, title, and payment gateway description. These are bits of text that may appear during your customers checkout process. The order description may appear on the Nochex pay page, while the title and gateway description will be the title and description of the payment option within WooCommerce. You also have a few options to enable Nochex, the APC logging (recommended), test mode (if you are still developing your website), and an option to hide the billing details on the Nochex pay page – this will ensure that you have proper billing details entered during the checkout process and is optional.


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