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Woocommerce PayPal Express Gateway

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Product Description

Woocommerce PayPal Express Gateway

Woocommerce PayPal Express Gateway – Adds PayPal Express Checkout Option to Your Cart

The PayPal Express gateway integration for WooCommerce allows users to skip the WooCommerce checkout and use PayPal instead. When customers view their cart, they will be given the option to pay with PayPal (which leaves your site and is redirected) or proceed to the WooCommerce checkout. When using the PayPal Express option, customers will be taken directly to PayPal to authorize funds, and then return to your store to choose shipping and pay.

Why must use PayPal Express?
Gain the trust by offering customers’ favorite payment method: PayPal
Accept Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and PayPal®
Provide a fast, seamless check – no more “Review Order” screen! NEW
Shipping and tax info sent to PayPal when order is placed NEW
Allow guest checkout with PayPal Express NEW
Accept payments in almost any currency (to see a full list of accepted currencies, please see PayPal’s approved currency list)
Require the buyer to accept terms & conditions before checkout NEW
Charge orders immediately, or authorize them and capture directly from WooCommerce NEW
Express checkout buttons are displayed in the mini-cart widget NEW
Spend exactly 0 seconds worrying about SSL certificates and security

Gain Customers’ Trust by Offering PayPal Services
Capture Charges directly from WooCommerce
Seamless checkout


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