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Woocommerce Product Documents

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Product Description

Woocommerce Product Documents

Woocommerce Product Documents – While you can gain a lot of flexibility in how your products are displayed with WooCommerce extensions, your product documents never had a home until now. Using the WooCommerce Product Documents extension, you can now easily create accordion-style menus to display product information for customers. Want to publish sample chapters or images from your ebook? No problem! Need to display technical specifications or assembly instructions? Product Documents makes displaying these easy and has a front-end display that looks professional and is intuitive for customers to navigate.

Easily add documents to your short product descriptions, or use shortcodes or widgets to display documents anywhere on your site! Or, use the shortcodes to share documentation among several products. Works great with the WooCommerce Tab Manager extension to display documents in a custom tab!

What can Product Documents Do?
Display product documentation from other page URLs, or upload any file type in an accordion-style menu
Customize the name of tabs and file names in your menu
Set universal or customized menu names
Display menus below the product short description, or anywhere you can use shortcodes on your site
Display the documentation menu for the corresponding product in a sidebar using our widget

How can I use Product Documents?
Want to sell an ebook? Many times, offering sample chapters can be a helpful way to engage readers and encourage them to buy (why else would Amazon gives away chapters for the Kindle edition of books for free?). You can now list sample chapters, sample images, and more in a sophisticated front-end display with virtually no effort!

Do you sell products that require technical specifications or assembly instructions? Give them to your customers with one click! Maybe you spent tons of money printing user manuals that many customers end up losing or throwing away? Now you can go completely paperless! How about including a card when shipping products that directs users to your site, where you can feature user manuals and warranties for products without worrying about rising printing costs again? Centralize all of your documents to save on printing costs, reduce barriers to purchase, and help make them easy to find for customers!

Do you (or do you want to) reference other sources for your products, or post how-to videos on YouTube? You can also link product documents to a URL to get customers the information they need!


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