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Woocommerce Sage Pay Form Gateway

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Product Description

Woocommerce Sage Pay Form Gateway

Woocommerce Sage Pay Form Gateway – Sage Pay Formis a gateway plugin which extends WooCommerce allowing you to take payments via SagePay.
When an order is placed, the customer is taken to SagePay to make a secure payment.
No SSL certificate is required on your site , as Sagepay will handle this part .
After the customer completes their payment the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the thank you page on your site.

Configure the Settings
You should configure the settings page to suit your business, as a minimum you need :
Tick the Enable SagePay Form box

Enter your Vendor Name (supplied by SagePay)
Enter your Encryption Password (supplied by SagePay)
Save the settings.


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